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Undergraduate Teaching

Course Title

Diagnostic Microbiology (SQES3355)

Application of Recombinant DNA technology (SNES3103)

Plant Virology (SHES3343) -  Developed new curriculum

Bio-safety and Bioethics (SNES3101) Developed new curriculum

Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids (SDES2105)

Biochemistry of membranes and signal transduction (SDES 3306)

Analysis of Molecular Sequences (SHES 3300) Co-Developed curriculum

Microbial Genetics (SHES 2141)

Plant Molecular Biology (SHES 3340) Developed new curriculum

General Microbiology (SHES 2250)

Genomics (SHES 3304) Co-Developed new curriculum

Basic Genetics (SAES 1103 for Academy Islam)

Plant and Animal Genetics (SHES 2143)

Special Topics in Genetics (SHES3184) Developed programme

Postgraduate Teaching

Course Title

Master of Biotechnology, University of Malaya,

Bioinformatics (SHGB6111) co-developed new curriculum

Genetic Engineering of Plants (SHGB6108) Co-Developed new curiculu

Plant Biotechnology (SHGB6304) co-developed new curriculum

Postgraduate Methodology

Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Biosafety. Co-developed new international curriculum


Flourescent in-situ hybridization workshop  for diversity analysis.(Facilitator) with University of Leicester, MSMBB and British Council.

A level Biology for NCUK-Mara Programme

Training course on the management of ex situ microbial genetic resources (Invited Lecturer) with CAB International and MSM.

Industrial Training Placements

Local and International Students

National Workshop on In vitro Plant manipulation Selection, Mutagenesis and Molecular Marker Studies in Plant Improvement (Invited Lecturer).

Risk assessment Workshop Series,Ministry of Natural Resource and environment Malaysia/UNDP/GEF

Science and Technology Management Training Course for Researchers and managers in OIC, OIC/Academy Sciences Malaysia ,




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