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Expression of an anti-toxoplasmosis ScFv Antibody in Plant Cells for Veterinary and therapeutic use



  • Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman (principle investigator),

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr Chua Kek Heng,

  • Prof Dr Fong Mun Yik

  • Dr Yusmin Yusof

  • Prof Dr Norzulaani Khalid,

  • Dr Rainer Fischer (Fraunhofer IME,Germany) et al.,

  • MSc, PhD candidates

  • International conference papers

  • Postgraduate prize

  • ISI Papers

  • 1 Patent in process

  • International collaboration

Development of a oral  WSSV Prawn Vaccine in algae


  • Prof Dr Phang Siew Moi (Principle investigator)

  •  Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin

  • Dr Gan (IMU)

  • Mr Huan Ung (Industry collaborator) et al.

  • PhD

  • Papers

  • 5 Patents applied

Development of an plant virus Nanoparticle epitope expression system displaying pharmaceutical  epitopes

         Hepatitis B


         Influenza A


  • Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman (principle investigator),

  • Hepatitis: Prof Dr Rosmawati Mohd

  • Prof Dr Noorsaadah

  •  Dr Tan Siang Hee (Singapore)

  • Dengue: Prof Dr Sazaly Abu Bakar

  • Influenza: AP Dr Noorhasima Nagoor,

  • Dr Mang KS (International Vaccine Institute , Korea) etal.,

  • PhD s

  • International Collaboration

  • One Patent applied

  • One patent in process

Metabolic Engineering of Bosembergia Rotunda for overproduction of an anti dengue compound


  • Prof Dr Norzullani Khalid (Programme leader)

  • Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman et al.,



Molecular identification and characterisation of agronomically important plant viruses and their control using novel biotechnologies


  • Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman (principle investigator),

  • Dr Mohd Roff (MARDI)

  • Prof Dr Peter Palukaitis (SWU Korea)

  • Prof Dr Jennifer Harikrishna

  • MScs, PhDs

  • Research papers and publications Methodologies

  • for molecular detection of plant viruses

  • Sequences in Genebank

  • New virus sequenced

Exploitation of Genetic Diversity in the Geminivirus Naturally infecting Crops and Weeds for the Formulation of Novel Disease Management strategies


  • Dr Mohd Roff (MARDI- project leader)

  • Prof Dr Jennifier Harikrishna

  • MSc, PhD

  • New virus discovered

  • Research papers and International Publications

  • Methodologies established for rapid detection of Geminiviruses



RNAi  in plants for plant virus control and functional studies



  • Dr Jennifer Harikrishna (Principle investigator)

  • Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman  et al.,

  • MSc, PhD candidates

  • International conference papers

  • Novel RNAis identified

  • ISI papers.

  • Patent applied                                                           

Identification and development of new markers for resistance to  papaya ringspot virus in Papaya


  • Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman

  • Dr Chan Kwok Yin (MARDI-programme leader)(retired)

  • Dr Kamaluddin Rashid (Project leader) et al,

  • 2 MSc students.

  • Research papers


Banana Chloroplast Research



  • Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman (principle investigator),

  • Dr Yusmin Yusof et al.,

  • PhD, MBiotech

  • Undergraduate project

  • International collaboration

  • Whole CT genome sequence to be completed 2012

Molecular Biology of Banana for Abiotic and Biotic Stress

  • Utilization of ESTs and Microarray Technology for Production of Fusarium-tolerant Banana Cultivars

  • Genome and Transcriptome analysis

  • Functional studies of selected genes for Banan improvement


  • Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman

  • Prof Dr Norzulaani Khalid

  • Prof Dr Zulqarnain Mohn

  • Dr Yusmin Yusof

  • Prof Dr Jennifer Harikrishna

  • Dr Sharifah asyafanizam Abdul Rahman

  • Professor Rony Swenned (Belgium)

  • et al.,

  • PhD, MSc,MBiotech

  • Part of International Global Consortium of Musa

  • Internatonal Research papers

  • EST bank



Molecular studies in Ganoderma-oilpalm interactions


  • Sime Darby Reserach grant

  •  Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman (principle investigator)

  • Dr Yusmin Yusof et al.,

  • PhD , MSc, New processes developed

  • ISI papers

  • patent in progress

Development of novel methods for isolating and detection of Citrus Greening Organism


  • Dr Noor Hana Hussain (Project leader UiTM)

  • Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman

  • MSc

  • New Media formulated and proposed for commercialization

  • publications

Etiology and Molecular Biology of IHNNV in Machrobracium spp

(Large Freshwater Prawns)


  • Dr Subha Bhassu (Programme leader)

  • Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman et al

  • Msc

  • Papers

  • Patents in progress


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